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true story [ronnie radke and max green's first band] - rare demo

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This is the original version of Listen Up - a demo made by Ronnie Radke and Max Green's first band together "True Story." Its kind of cool to here their old-school work together as well as how young they sounded. I threw in some old pictures of the two for nostalgia.


10:49 + escape the fate (max green) interview | bury the hatche
03:21 + ronnie radke changes
06:35 + lexus amanda and max green
04:01 + escape the fate - not good enough for truth in cliche.
04:02 + fair-weather fans - ronnie radke [lyrics]
01:18 + ronnie radke throws out disgruntled fan
03:52 + hd falling in reverse "not good enough for truth i
09:57 + ronnie radke: the story of escape the fate
03:57 + escape the fate - my apocalypse(& ronnie's speech)
04:44 + escape the fate (max passing out)
08:00 + escape the fate buzznet interview
03:40 + natural born killers - "you brought this on yourse
09:45 + ronnie radke's amazing voice. plus pictures.
06:39 + ronnie radke - i wash cars (i see stars dis)
13:03 + ronnie radke: the story of falling in reverse (part ii)
06:52 + ronnie radke gets emotional :( albany ny 11/4/12
04:44 + escape the fate - max green passing out!!!
04:03 + falling in reverse - shipwrecked (bands first ever demo
05:16 + escape the fate talks about ronnie radke
05:08 + max green playing with escape the fate again 7-10-13
06:42 + (old) escape the fate- ronnie radke
04:39 + ronnie radke: the story of falling in reverse (part i)
10:58 + a conversation with ronnie radke pt.1: public perceptio
03:45 + falling in reverse - "bad girls club"
03:43 + escape the fate's max green discovers new band &qu
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