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vintage tube spring reverb garen "chambre de réverbération" 1966

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Quelques exemples audio de ma réverbe à ressorts GAREN à lampes de 1966. Enregistré avec: - ampli LEGEND Rock n Roll 50W - Fender Jazzmaster Classic Player 2009 MIM - camescope SONY Le but était de montrer que la réverbe fonctionnait correctement pour finaliser une vente. Merci de votre visite. Here are a few samples I recorded with my 1966 spring tube reverb Garen I had on sale. It's been recorded with my SONY digicam. I have used my MIM jazzmaster classic player and the clean channel of my vintage LEGEND Rock n roll 50W amp. There is no intention to demo any playing skill there. Just noodling with the unit to show it still works well after all those years. The unit is sold now. Thanks for watching. Among the different licks that came through while I was recording are: Glory Box (Portishead), misirlou (Dick Dale), Lenny (SRV), House of the rising sun (Animals), Little wing (SRV), Texas flood (SRV).


01:30 + spring reverb demonstration
08:04 + cheeseverb electric guitar spring reverb by soaringtort
07:14 + diy cymbal plate reverb by instant pyrolysis
06:27 + mooer shim verb reverb guitar effects pedal demo
06:56 + build your own reverb
08:27 + eric's fender jazzmaster - rainbow music omaha
04:33 + boss rv-5 reverb pedal demo - nevada music uk
07:53 + boss fender frv-1 '63 reverb pedal
06:12 + vintage 1960's carlsbro reverb unit
04:48 + vintage 1963 fender reverb unit demo - pipeline - the v
01:29 + spring reverb + filtre homemade
12:24 + mooer audio shimverb reverb
11:54 + big reverb shootout demo.
09:16 + tc electronic hall of fame reverb guitar effects pedal
05:03 + fender classic player jazzmaster special
02:57 + carl martin headroom par jens varmlose - reverbe à re
06:56 + weber torevibe tube reverb and tremolo
07:01 + digitech polara reverb
06:14 + mergili innovations admiral girth outboard reverb/tremo
03:29 + folktek micro garden played by izzy - reverb effect
04:23 + akg bx15 spring reverb
11:04 + fender jazzmaster classic player (mim) sound test & rev
07:11 + true analog echo/reverb effects part 1 spring!!
05:36 + flickinger tone boxes spaghetti western spring reverb u
06:21 + test fender 65' princeton reverb amp
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