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how to play "the cup song" from pitch perfect in 2 steps

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A simple two step tutorial to learning The Cup Song from the movie Pitch Perfect. Hey guys, Just thought I'd make you a quick and hopefully easy to learn tutorial on The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. Took me a while to learn, so I've split it into two steps, which was the simplest way for me, and hopefully for you too. Enjoy mes amis!!


01:37 + cup song with 8 cups
05:08 + you're gonna miss me- cups (tutorial)
04:22 + anna kendrick - cups (pitch perfect's "when i
06:38 + how-to do the cup song! (steps)
04:22 + pitch perfect cup song
01:10 + how to do the cup song
05:32 + how to play "cups" from pitch perfect!
01:49 + cups "when i'm gone" from pitch perfect
01:40 + "the cup song" (cover) - pitch perfect
02:22 + "the cup song" cover from pitch perfect!
01:17 + cups (when i'm gone) - pitch perfect cover
03:21 + cup song step by step slow and full speed
01:04 + pitch perfect - "cups" (you're gonna mis
02:35 + when i'm gone/ the cup song- yf 2012
03:19 + anna kendrick - cups ''when i'm gone
02:11 + you're gonna miss me (lulu + the lampshades cover)
02:09 + anna kendrick - cups ''when i'm gone
01:15 + you're gonna miss me (cup song)- cover
01:24 + cup song - pitch perfect (cover)
03:47 + calvin harris - i need your love ft. ellie goulding
01:23 + pitch perfect - "cups" scene
01:15 + pitch perfect cup song lyrics
01:11 + cup song (you're gonna miss me when i'm gone)
01:25 + cups(you're gonna miss me when i'm gone) anna
01:35 + you're gonna miss me (cups)- lulu and the lampshad
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